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Best Toddler Slides Reviewed

Best Indoor Toddler Slide Reviews

If your kids are like ours, they can get a little depressed during the winter months. Can you blame them? Looking at the backyard playground, buried in snow during those super cold days is understandably discouraging.

Thankfully, we have found some great ways to work around living in a winter climate, and one of those has been purchasing items that can be used outdoors in the summer and moved indoors in winter.

Among the indoor toys our kids love, one has really been a lot of fun for the kids: An indoor slide.

We currently have a toddler, so when we set out looking for the best toddler slide we looked for something he could grow into, and that his older siblings would still enjoy. The best indoor slide for your kids might range from something fairly small to a long 8 foot slide for bigger toddlers. It really depends on the age of your kids.

Keep in mind, your kids will grow fast and a toddler slide is likely to last for a number of years. The best kids slide will accommodate toddlers as well as preschoolers, so you can be sure your kids can enjoy their slide for a good long time.

Check out our favorite Best Toddler Slide

The comparison chart below can provide you with quick answers and make our top picks easy to compare and digest. You can read more about which indoor slides we chose as the best toddler slides and indoor slides in our full review.

Okay, let’s get into our top picks!

Top Toddler Slide Comparison Chart

Top Choice
Costzon Toddler Swing and Slide Set, 4-in-1 Large Climber Slide Playset w/Basketball Hoop, Toss, Long Slide, Thickened Panel, Playground Swing Set for Indoor Outdoor Backyard 3-10 Gifts Presents
Fun Features
Swing and Basketball Hoop
Weight Limit
110 lbs
Customer Rating
More Details
Top Choice
Costzon Toddler Swing and Slide Set, 4-in-1 Large Climber Slide Playset w/Basketball Hoop, Toss, Long Slide, Thickened Panel, Playground Swing Set for Indoor Outdoor Backyard 3-10 Gifts Presents
Fun Features
Swing and Basketball Hoop
Weight Limit
110 lbs
Customer Rating
More Details

Best Toddler Slide

1. Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set

Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set Review

Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set

While a slide alone can offer toddlers hours of entertainment, the Costzon Toddler Climber Slide and Swing Set isn’t a slide alone. Equipped with a swing, basketball hoop, and ring toss game too, this personal amusement park is more than enough to keep any overactive child busy.

Made from non-toxic HDPE material, the Climber Slide and Swing Set is intended for both indoor and outdoor use. The highly durable plastic can carry a weight of 110 lbs, making it safe for any toddler to slide. This bright and colorful playing set is incredibly easy to clean too, needing little more than a damp cloth to wipe away most messes.

Four functions are featured in this set, including a slide, swing, basketball hoop, and ring toss game. The slide itself has a gentle slope to offer young children a safe and smooth slide. With a widened acceleration, acceleration, and buffer zone, there is little chance of your child hurting themselves with a crash landing. Easy-to-climb and non-slip steps also keep this risk fairly low.

Widened seats, a T-shaped rail, and leaning protection allow your little one to enjoy the experience of swinging without any safety issues. Once your child is old enough, you can remove the safety rail, which makes it easier for them to get off the swing without assistance. The swing hangers are made from strong rope, which can hold a maximum of 66lbs.

The basketball hoop located beside the swing is designed to look American and European style. Having this feature will allow your toddler to develop their ability to bounce, as well as a sporting habit. Below the removable hoop is a cute elephant nose, where hoops can be thrown. Playing this game can help your child to develop their hand-eye coordination skills.

All in all, this 4-in-1 playing set is a real treat. The bright and colorful pieces can be assembled quickly, so your children won’t be left waiting too long to start playing.

2. Platports In/Outdoor Toddler Slide

Platports In/Outdoor Toddler Slide Review

Platports In/Outdoor Toddler Slide

The Platports In/Outdoor Toddler Slide might appear a mundane playing apparatus, but it fulfills its purpose incredibly well. Instead of trying to offer countless appealing features, this slide is a slide and a brilliant one at that. The eight-foot freestanding wavy slide can give your child hours of fun, whether it’s located inside or in the backyard.

Unlike many other slides, this model is built to last. With a steel frame, non-recycled durable plastic, and a UV-protected, fade-resistant finish, the Platports Slide won’t rust or fade easily, even when exposed to harsh elements. Due to its size, your child won’t outgrow this slide easily either, so you can keep it for years to come.

During the summertime, you could attach a hose to this slide, converting it easily into a water slide. The slide could even lead into a pool, creating a huge splash that keeps your little one cool and entertained.

If you’re worried about safety, as most parents are, you can breathe easy with this Platports Slide. The deep chute sides, support bar, and wide steps are perfect for keeping young children upright and uninjured. There are also anchor pegs included in the box, which will provide extra stabilization on grassy areas, like lawns.

Assembling this set should be a piece of cake with the easy-to-follow instructions included in the box. If that isn’t enough, a YouTube video is also included. Although assembly can take some time, having all the necessary parts and accessories provided does simplify the process.

Toddlers don’t stay small for long, which is why slides like this are great. If you’re looking for a playset your little one won’t outgrow within a few years, this is a perfect option.

3. LANGXUN Slide for Kids with Basketball Hoop

LANGXUN Slide for Kids with Basketball Hoop Review

LANGXUN Slide for Kids with Basketball Hoop

A cute design can make any children’s toy a hit, especially when animals are involved. With the LANGXUN Slide for Kids with Basketball Hoop, your little one will encounter the loving smile of an elephant every time they play. Along with the slide, this playset features a basketball hoop, allowing your toddler to work on their shooting skills.

Like many other slides for toddlers, this option is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The durable and non-toxic HDPE won’t ruin easy and wipes clean without difficulty. Bearing a maximum load of 110 lbs, the LANGXUN Slide will provide your child and their friends with hours of fun and active play. Although you could leave the slide out once playtime ends, it is foldable too, which makes storage and transportation quick and simple.

The gentle slope and easy-to-climb steps help to ensure that playtime is safe, as well as entertaining. The anti-skid design and stable base of the steps will increase your baby’s safety even further. Every LANGXUN Slide is also connected smoothly without edges, which will protect your child’s tender skin.

Many children’s toys take hours to assemble, but that isn’t the case with this model. Instead of hundreds of small pieces and tools, this slide can be installed by hand in as little as five minutes. All you need is the big plastic nut provided. This means that your little one can get climbing almost right away.

All young children love a cute animal, especially when a slide is attached. By abandoning the boring old style slides, you can give your little one a happy face to look at every time they play.

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4. Kids Dome Climber & Slide

Kids Dome Climber & Slide Review

Kids Dome Climber & Slide

Although unsuitable for children under three, due to small parts, the Kids Dome Climber & Slide is perfect for older and more adventurous toddlers. All children love to climb and start trying before they can even walk. Thankfully, they also love slides. When you combine these two playground loves, you get a dome climber slide. This six-foot playset will provide your little ones with hours of fun while burning off any extra energy.

Having a heavy-duty steel geometric frame, the Dome Climber & Slide can safely support up to 350 lbs. This means that multiple children can engage in play at once, helping to improve social skills and sharing ability. A weather and rust-resistant finish mean that this activity center can be installed indoors or outdoors and still survive for years.

All accessories, parts, and instructions are included in the box, including a link to an assembly video. However, it is advised that you use an electric screwdriver when assembling this playset, which isn’t provided. Because two people are needed for assembly, you should ask for a helping hand.

Safety is crucial for any product aimed at children. That is why manufacturers advise that children under three don’t use this activity center. However, that doesn’t mean that the product is unsafe. In fact, there are several safety features put in place to protect your kids. Deep chute sides, for example, will prevent any little ones from falling off the edge of the slide. Smooth pieces and a comfortable platform are also used to stop children from getting hurt.

Children love playing together, which is what makes this activity center so special. Unlike many other slides, several kids can safely climb and slide together, making it perfect for multiple-child households.

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5. Step2 Up & Down Indoor Outdoor Roller Coaster

Step2 Up & Down Indoor Outdoor Roller Coaster Review

Step2 Up & Down Indoor Outdoor Roller Coaster

When is a slide, not a slide? When it’s a rollercoaster instead. While the gentle slope of the Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster qualifies it for the “slide” label, the coaster car included makes it look like a fairground attraction. Even without the terrifying turns and loop-de-loops, toddlers should find this ten-foot-long roller coaster equally as thrilling as much larger versions.

Molded from brightly colored plastic, this playset is built for years of play in either the playroom or backyard. Like all durable plastics, the toy is easy to clean, so you won’t have any trouble wiping away sticky fingerprints or spillages.

The coaster’s components fit together to create a downhill ride, which features a small hill halfway through. Although the car won’t hit any high speeds, the ride is highly entertaining for any young child. If your little one isn’t old enough for the coaster yet, the bright yellow car can just as easily be used alone, both inside and outside. The slope itself can be used for other purposes too, like rolling balls and playing cars.

With a playset like this, you must be able to trust that your children won’t get hurt. Thankfully, there are many safety features designed to prevent any accidents. The wide, non-slip stairs, for example, provide easy access to the coaster platform. Once your child reaches the top, the track will hold the coaster car in position as they climb aboard. Inside the car, you will find a handrail, molded-in footrests, and a high back for an equally entertaining and secure ride.

Putting this playset together couldn’t possibly be easier. No tools are required because the track is assembled by snapping pieces together.

Roller coasters are a thrilling ride whatever age you may be. With this playset, you can bring the fun of an amusement park to your own backyard.

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