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Best Winter Coats For Kids Reviewed

Best Winter Coats For Kids Reviewed

When winter arrives, making sure your kids are wrapped up when they’re out in the cold is a top priority. A good coat keeps their body temperature up at the right level, and helps to keep them dry if it rains or snows too.

Combined with a decent pair of shoes or boots and the right winter accessories (hat, scarf, gloves), a good coat is sure to keep your child warm. That is, if you can get them to actually wear it.

Looking for a new coat for your child means finding something that meets both your needs and theirs. You want something practical that will keep them warm and dry, while they want something that they won’t be embarrassed to be seen wearing.

Of course, you might also want to look for style, as well as quality. When you’re trying to find the best winter coats for kids, you should look at material, insulation, water resistance, and how it will generally hold up in the cold.

While many kids’ coats are designed for either boys or girls, they often have a gender neutral look, so getting the right size can be what’s most important.

Some features that you might want to look for include a hood, a zip closure (which can be easier for small hands and gives a better seal), and whether the coat is machine washable. Take a look at the following options to find the best winter coats for kids that are available.

Top Kids Winter Coat Comparison Chart

Best Kids Winter Coats

1. Columbia Girls Katelyn Crest Jacket

Columbia Girls Katelyn Crest Jacket Review

Columbia Katelyn Crest Jacket

This Columbia jacket is warm enough for winter, but can also provide protection all year. Its lightweight but insulated, with an attached and adjustable storm hood and made with a water resistant fabric to keep your little girl warm and dry.

It has a zipper closure, making it easy to zip up, plus zippered pockets, which are ideal for keeping gloves or other winter accessories safe. The coat is available in a range of colors, from navy and khaki green to bright pink and purple, with some colors features faux fur lining on the hoods.

The fur lining is removable too, so you don’t have to use it. The jacket is sure to keep your child warm, and is available in three different size categories to help you find the right fit.

Each size category has several sizes to choose from. Made from nylon and polyester, it’s tough and durable, making it ideal for playing outdoors.

The hood is lined with taffeta for comfort. One nifty feature is the fitted cuffs inside the sleeves, ensuring your child keeps their arms and wrists warm, and cold air is kept out. It’s a comfortable jacket designed for winter, and machine washable too.

2. The North Face Girls’ Reversible Mossbud Swirl Jacket

The North Face Girls' Reversible Mossbud Swirl Jacket Review

The North Face Girls’ Reversible Mossbud Swirl Jacket

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Get two coats in one with this reversible jacket for girls. One side is taffeta, and the other is a cozy fleece. The jacket is well insulated and will provide warmth no matter which way around it is worn.

Although it doesn’t provide much help to keep your child dry, it is comfortable and warm. It’s available in a range of sizes, with a number of colors available too, including both solid shades and patterns.

Its machine washable, so it’s easy to keep clean, no matter which way around your child decides to wear it.

This coat is also excellent for keeping the wind out, so it will help your child stay warm on a blustery day.

The super soft side will feel great to any child, whether they’re wearing it on the inside or outside. Although it’s thick, it doesn’t stick out too much, and should be able to stay on even when you buckle your child into her car seat.

It might not be suitable for more extreme winters because it isn’t super heavy, but it should still offer enough warmth on cold days. It’s a good quality coat from a very well-known brand.

3. Nautica Girls Heavy Weight Jacket

Nautica Girls Heavy Weight Jacket Review

Nautica Girls Heavy Weight Jacket

If you’re looking for a jacket with a removable hood, this Nautica coat allows you to easily take the hood off and put it back on. Available in either pink or navy with stars or plain navy blue, it’s a smart coat with cuffed sleeves and both a zipper closure and snap buttons.

The 8 oz body fill makes the chevron-quilted coat warm, and the fleece lining adds extra warmth too. The rib-knit cuffs stop cold air and wind from getting into the sleeves.

Available in a range of sizes for girls of various ages, this versatile coat is great for harsh winter conditions and plenty of outdoor play.

In addition to the detachable hood, the jacket benefits from two pockets, which are excellent for holding winter accessories.

Its weatherproof design means that it will stand up against rain, wind and snow to keep your child warm and dry in all weathers. This is a heavier jacket that’s a good option for regions where the winter is slightly colder.

You will get a good quality coat from this product, and it provides adequate warmth for even colder climates. The range of sizes means it’s suitable for toddlers and for older girls too.

4. Columbia Sportswear Boy’s Bugaboo Interchange Jacket

Columbia Sportswear Boy's Bugaboo Interchange Jacket Review

Columbia Sportswear Boy’s Bugaboo Interchange Jacket

For a flexible boy’s jacket, this Columbia coat is ideal. It includes two layers that can be zipped into each other, offering three different ways to wear it.

There’s the fleece layer and the waterproof layer, so the fleece can be worn on its own for warmth or with the waterproof layer for extra protection from the rain and wind. The outer layer can also be worn on its own.

The fleece has a thermal reflective liner, which is designed to help keep heat in when it’s being worn. While the fleece doesn’t have a hood, the outer jacket layer does.

You can easily zip the fleece into the outer layer to attach them together. The outer layer then zips closed too, and has velcro closures in addition.

The outer layer is Omni-Tech waterproof and breathable, and is critically seam sealed. This flexible jacket is essentially three jackets in one, and will keep your child warm and dry at any time of the year.

It’s available in five different color options and a number of different sizes to help you get the right style and fit. The jacket even has a hem that can be let out to extend its wear as your child grows.

5. Nautica Boys’ Little Water Resistant Signature Bubble Jacket

Nautica Boys' Little Water Resistant Signature Bubble Jacket Review

Nautica Boys’ Little Water Resistant Signature Bubble Jacket

This smart bubble jacket offers warmth and water resistant so your child is safe to play outdoors throughout the winter. It’s machine washable too, making it perfect for any boys that might get a bit muddy when they’re outside.

The storm cuffs add another feature that will keep your child warm and dry, and the longer snorkel length offers extra protection below the hip. There is also a hood to keep the snow and rain off and the wind out when the weather is poor.

The coat closes securely with a zip and metal snap buttons. This warm jacket is lined with fleece, so it’s ideal for cold days.

If you’re looking for a heavy duty jacket, this is really a great option that should last through a good number of winters and through frequent use.

The color choice offers options ranging from a smart navy blue or black to bright red and light gray. The colorful linings are a nice touch too.

If you’re looking for a warm coat that will offer protection from the cold and wet, this jacket is an excellent option. It looks good and it’s a practical choice as well.

6. Mallimoda Boys’ Hooded Down Coat

Mallimoda Boys' Hooded Down Coat Review

Mallimoda Boys’ Hooded Down Coat

This long boy’s snow jacket will offer plenty of protection this winter. Filled with down, it’s super warm, with five layers of anti-drilling cashmere. It’s windproof and anti-static, offering protection from the weather even on the most horrible days.

Its hood and zipper closure also benefit from snap buttons for extra security. This coat is sized by age, and is available from size 4-5 to 13-14, so even preteens and teenagers can wear it.

There’s also an excellent choice of colors and variations on style, with some colors featuring a faux fur hood.

This is a very practical coat, with large pockets that are perfect for gloves, scarves and other winter accessories. The mid-length style is great if you’ve looking for a coat that offers more coverage below the hips.

There’s still plenty of room to move too, so this versatile coat can be worn while doing any number of outdoor and winter activities.

The windproof knitted cuffs will keep cold air from getting into the sleeves. The fur-lined hood option is a little shorter but is still very warm. This super warm jacket is durable and it’s very smart, giving you a fashionable option for your child to wear this winter.

Top Kids Winter Coats Features To Consider


Taking into consideration the type of climate your kids will be most often using their winter jacket is going to be one of the most important aspects of selecting the best winter kids coat. You’ll need to strike a good balance regarding the insulating value provided. You don’t want to over-do it, and you don’t want to under-do it.

Weather Resistance

A thick insulated kids jacket is ideal for really cold snowy conditions, because it keeps the cold out, and the warmth in.  That might seems obvious, but it is that insulating principle that also keeps your kids coat dry.  A thin and under-insulated jacket will allow body heat to rise to the surface of the jacket, and cause the snow to melt on the outer surface of the winter coat.  Whereas the best kids coat for playing in the snow will be well insulated, if you expect mixed conditions, of rain and snow, a kids coat with a waterproof shell might be exactly what you’ll need.


Most kids play hard outside, and as they should!  But kids in the throws of playing outdoors aren’t known for being gentle on their winter coats.  Between playing in piles of leaves before the snow falls, making snowmen, and sledding, your kids’ winter coat is inevitably going to shows signs of use and maybe even gather a few scuffs of dirt.  Many of the top kids coats are machine washable which is great for keeping them looking great and prolonging their lifespan.


Some of the most popular kids winter coats offer removable liners which makes for an extremely versatile jacket that is well suited for a variety of weather conditions and climates. Essentially these designs provide three winter coats for your kids, in one package: an outer shell, an inner insulating jacket, and when the need arises you can zip the two together for those blustery winter days.

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