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Best Fertility Monitors Reviewed

Best Fertility Monitor ReviewsFertility monitors are vitally important for those seeking accurate fertility tracking, and insightful data to better understand their fertility cycle.

With years of clinically proven effectiveness, women looking for the best fertility monitor can find ease of family planning in the convenience of their home.

You can take the speculation out of ovulation tracking and planning your future pregnancy for the sake of convenience.  But your family’s circumstances might require precise planning for reasons much more crucial for the sake of financial planning, among other important considerations.

The circumstances surrounding pregnancy planning are often incredibly diverse and unpredictable.  However, your pregnancy does not have to be unpredictable, and finding a quality fertility monitor can help tremendously.

There are a number of helpful features that you might prefer when it comes time to compare which fertility monitor is best for you.  We considered a number of those features before we reviewed 5 of the best fertility monitors.  You can take a close look at our features list below, and jump down to the quick comparison chart to get a good sense for the features that you want before you make a purchase.

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We list a few suggestions below that might shed some light on reasonable features to consider before you make a purchase.  You can also jump down to the comparison chart below for quick answers and details.

Top Fertility Monitors Comparison Chart

Top Choice
Lady-Comp® | Fertility Tracker | Natural Family Planning | Very high Accuracy from Day one
Customer Rating
More Details
OvaCue Fertility Monitor: Predict Ovulation 7 Days in Advance
Fertility Monitor
over 98%
Customer Rating
More Details
Mira Fertility Starter Kit, Mira Analyzer + 10 Mira LH Ovulation Test Wands to Track Actual Luteinizing Hormone (LH) Levels + Mira App Included
Customer Rating
More Details
Clearblue Fertility Monitor, Touch Screen, 1 Count
Fertility Monitor
97 %
Customer Rating
More Details
Pearly Ovulation Monitor-Fahrenheit
Fertility Monitor
Customer Rating
More Details

Best Fertility Monitor

1. Lady-Comp Fertility Computer – Next Generation

Lady-Comp Fertility Computer - Next Generation Review

Lady-Comp Fertility Computer – Next Generation

When Lady-Comp was designing their Next Generation fertility monitor, they wanted to create something that would give women all of the information that they needed as well as peace of mind.

The Lady-Comp Fertility Computer is an attempt to deliver just that. At first glance, the device is quite old-school in both form and appearance, but the simplicity of the design provides significant benefit. While the world becomes more reliant on advanced technology, Lady-Comp has decided to provide women with something that comes with its very own inbuilt screen and doesn’t require a connection with your smartphone.

The reason you’d buy the Lady-Comp instead of any other fertility monitor in this review is for the sheer number of features that it offers. It tracks menstruation, fertility indicators, temperatures, and predicted fertility. It also provides a history of past fertility windows and predictions of menstruation in the future.

For many women, the Lady-Comp is a godsend. It provides accurate information for those with irregular periods and allows them to track the most fertile windows, making family planning more manageable. The device comes with a helpful thermometer for taking your temperature wrapped around the outside.

Of course, it’s not all good news. While many manufacturers now make their best fertility monitors rechargeable, the Lady-Comp Next Generation is not. If the batteries run out, you’ll need to replace them with AAA alkaline and boot it back up again.

There’s also no smartphone integration or companion app, meaning that you need to actively operate the device itself to find the information you want. It seems a little redundant in today’s day and age.

On the plus side, you get something that now has more than three decades of German manufacturing excellence invested in it. The device is extraordinarily robust and, if you can bear to change the batteries from time to time, it’ll provide you with all the helpful information you need. It is popular in fertility tracker reviews.

2. OvaCue Fertility Monitor

OvaCue Fertility Monitor Review

OvaCue Fertility Monitor

The OvaCue fertility monitor is, arguably, one of the most sophisticated fertility monitors on the market today, thanks to the sheer range of sensors that come included as standard.

The first of these is the saliva sensor, which can pick up small hormonal changes in the composition of your saliva and translate these into predictions about when you can expect your most fertile day. The device also comes with a cervical mucus sensor that performs a similar analysis. It detects the chemicals present and then runs a battery of tests on them to see whether a pregnancy is likely or not.

There are plenty of advantages that come with the OvaCue Fertility Monitor. The first is the fact that there are zero recurring costs. Once you’ve bought the device, there’s no need to order endless charting subscriptions or sticks. It all comes in a single bundle.

What’s more, OvaCue says that its device can detect peak fertility up to seven days out, allowing women to plan their schedules and make sure that nothing can get in the way of their “baby dancing.”

The company also offers support to help customers interpret their results. If you’re not sure what a particular reading means, then you’re free to get in touch with the company for answers.

Finally, the OvaCue is one of the most accurate monitors on the market, with NIH studies finding it be on the money more than 98 percent of the time.

So, why would you choose this monitor over the others that we’re reviewing today? The main reason you’d choose this one because of the quality of the sensors. It doesn’t just measure temperatures, but the electrolytes in your saliva and mucus that are telltale signs of fertility. Plus, you get a calendar display that makes it easy to view the days on which you’re most likely to get pregnant.

3. Mira Fertility Tracking Monitor Kit

Mira Fertility Tracking Monitor Kit Review

Mira Fertility Tracking Monitor Kit

Mira wanted to make a fertility tracking monitor kit that women could pair with their smartphones to get quick and easy readings of various fertility indicators. And the company seemed to have managed to pull it off with its fertility tracking kit.

The Mira fertility kit works a little differently from the other monitors we’ve investigated so far. The first step is to collect a urine sample at home with one of the disposable test wands that the company supplies. You then insert the urine sample into the Analyzer Monitor and wait for a couple of minutes for it to collect a reading. Then sync the monitor with your phone to review the results.

The Mira Fertility app uses what the company calls “advanced learning algorithms,” which churn out personalized insights, based on your data. Because every woman is different, this approach makes a lot of sense.

The main benefit of the Mira is that, unlike the devices we’ve seen so far, it integrates neatly with your smartphone. You don’t have to remember to take the device out of the bathroom drawer and look at it: it’s right there on your app. Mira has also made the Analyzer part of the device splashproof, and dust resistant, increasing the longevity of the equipment (making it great for multiple pregnancies).

The downside is the disposable wand. While it helps you get accurate readings, it’s a little annoying having to order more each time you want to conduct a fertility test.

So who is this product for? As long as you don’t mind the pee wand, this is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a fertility monitor that integrates with their smartphone.

4. Clearblue Fertility Monitor

Clearblue Fertility Monitor Review

Clearblue Fertility Monitor

Clearblue is one of the most recognizable women’s health brands on the market, and it, too, has a fertility monitor that can track a variety of fertility hormones across time.

Clearblue’s primary objective when designing this product appears to have been creating something that would increase the chances of getting pregnant. Women who use the device, the company says, are more than 82 percent more likely to conceive than those who don’t.

The monitor portion of the device has a flip open-lid and a display that shows you when you’re at peak fertility. It also shows your likelihood of becoming pregnant across the rest of the month. The device measures two hormones: luteinizing hormone and estrogen and, like the Mira, requires you to pee on a monitor test stick. Again, the monitor test stick is disposable, so you’ll have to buy them separately whenever you want to test your fertility using the device.

The main benefit of the device is the inclusion of the touch color screen. It allows you to track and view fertility data over time, whereas other Clearblue fertility products don’t. It also measures the urine content of two hormones, which, when interpreted correctly, can provide a more accurate prediction of fertility than just one.

It’s worth noting that while the onboard software is good at taking data and predicting peak cycle, it’s not perfect. If you happen to be somebody who exhibits a lot of luteinizing hormones, then you may find that the predictions are a little off.

So who is Clearblue targeting with this product? Mostly, it’s for the woman who wants more information than disposable test kits offer. It allows you to track your fertility cycle and take advantage of the times of the month when you’re most likely to get pregnant.

5. Pearly Ovulation Monitor

Pearly Ovulation Monitor Review

Pearly Ovulation Monitor

Lady-Comp makes the Pearly Ovulation tracker. The company realized that some active women who travel a lot needed a fertility monitor that they could transport around them easily. The Pearly is, therefore, a small, compact, and discreet fertility monitor that you could easily pop in a purse.

Like the Lady-Comp, the pearly uses a thermometer combined with user input telling it days on which menstruation took place, to estimate fertility.

This difference is important. Unlike the other methods we’ve looked at so far, the pearly doesn’t rely on detecting hormones at all. Instead, it takes temperature information and combines it with what you tell it to estimate when pregnancy is most likely to occur. The upside of this is that there are no disposable sticks or wands: everything you need is right there. You also don’t have to go pee every time you want to find out about your fertility level.

The Pearly is a somewhat basic device, but Lady-Comp deliberately shirked all the bells and whistles with this one. The idea was to make something that met medical standards but was also highly robust at the same time.

Of course, these devices can be a little unreliable if you’re not trying to get pregnant. Manufacturers show you when pregnancy is most likely to occur, and when it’s not, but that doesn’t mean that you can take that as a given. The chances of getting pregnant outside of the peak of the cycle are smaller, but they’re not non-existent, so exercise caution.

The Pearly comes with a range of features, including 99 days of past fertility information, temperature reading, cycle day, and upcoming menstruation indicators. It is, however, a rudimentary device, so perhaps best for those who want something basic.

Top Fertility Monitor Features To Consider

Natural Family Planning

Rather than turning to fertility medications, or invasive and costly procedures such as IVF, ovulation tracking with a fertility monitor can track your cycle completely naturally.


Truly being able to plan ahead requires a predictable level of accuracy, and the best fertility monitors are very accurate, with readings averaging over 95% accuracy and even well above that threshold.

Time Requirements

Every fertility monitor requires taking readings.  The questions is, with what frequency and how often are the readings required?  Some fertility trackers require daily readings that show you results in about 60 seconds, and others only require a few seconds.

Ovulation Prediction

A high-quality fertility monitor can also predict ovulation, so you can know when your highest fertility levels will be most likely to occur.  Some monitors track and predict fertility with more advanced notice than others.

Easy Measurement

Some fertility monitors require oral readings taken under your tongue, and others require testing your urine or saliva in the comfort of your own home.  Both can potentially produce results with levels of accuracy nearing 100% depending on the unit you purchase.

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